Silk Road

The history of mankind is full of journeys - from when we first journeyed out of East Africa, curious about what was over the horizon and across the sea. One of our greatest journeys involved the creation of the trade routes that defined the evolution of our early history. One of the most remarkable of those routes was the ancient Silk Road from China to the shores of the Mediterranean. It is over four thousand miles long and crosses searing deserts and some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. I am drawn to the cultures and the mixing of human diversity that evolved along this ancient trade route and the magnificent landscapes that the camel caravans journeyed through for centuries. In a series of trips, I went in search of discovery to experience through my camera the austere richness and beauty of the people and the land of the Silk Road.

Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
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Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
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Chris Rainier
Chris Rainier
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Chris Rainier
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